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About Us

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”

– Martin . L. King Jr.

Guru Harkrishan Public School, West Jyoti Nagar, Shahdara, Delhi is one of the many off-springs of the GHPS family. The First of its kind to be established in East Delhi, the school came into being on 5th August, 1981 with the joint efforts of Premier organization “Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee” and a social worker late S. Raghbir Singh.

It was an effort and attempt to promote and enhance progressive education with a view to inculcate humanistic values and universal brotherhood believing in development of a fuller personality in all its manifestations – physical, creative, cultural and spiritual.

The school follows the message enshrined in its motto- “Vidya Vichari Tan Parupkari” meaning “Thou is learned indeed who does well to others”. Today it stands as ‘citadel of learning’ and ‘a harbinger of quality consciousness’ – committed to developing the minds and initiative of children.

The guidance, inspiration and encouragement of the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee, the co-operation of the parents, the devotion and dedication of the staff together has made the school flourish day by day and from an initial strength of merely 120 students and a handful number of Faculty members, it has reached to a strength over 3400 students and 114 members of the Faculty. In all these years the school has leaped from strength to strength achieving laurels in curricular and co-curricular fields of activities. Our students have earned a name for themselves and the school not only in India but abroad as well.


Montessori Department

The school follows the Montessori Method of teaching at the pre-school and pre-primary stage. The tiny tots learn in an informal way with the help of specially designed apparatus under the supervision and guidance of trained and experienced teachers. Special attention is paid to facilitate the physical, mental, emotional and social growth of the child through a series of well coordinated activities.

Primary Department

The students of the primary department are gradually exposed to formal education. Emphasis is given not only on acquisition of new knowledge but also on concept formation and application of knowledge in practical life situation. Stress is laid on “learning by doing”. Children are given personal attention. They are exposed to pictorial books, audio-visual programmes which excite their interest in learning.
Students are not unduly burdened with home work and are evaluated through their day-to-day work and performance in studies and various curricular and co-curricular activities.

Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary Department

To sustain the interest of students in learning, latest scientific and electronic methods are practiced in classroom teaching. Self-discipline of the body and mind is practiced through conscious and deliberate efforts. Continuous and comprehensive system of evaluation is followed to grade the performance of pupils. The school aims to nurture the students by amalgamating worthiness of technology and very notion of globalization leading to pedagogy which is accessible to all, Internationally available and ensures equanimity of technology with teacher

Testimony to the Academic Excellence – 2013

G.H.P.S Shahdara, New Delhi once again declared as Rank no. 1 (3rd Consecutive Year) in Academic Excellence. The outstanding result on various academic platforms is indeed a matter of great pride for the teachers, students and parents of G.H.P.S. Shahdara. Also, the Chairman of GHPS Society Management, Principal and staff feel very proud to congratulate the students who have successfully cleared the CBSE 2012-13. We also take the opportunity to laude the efforts of the parents and the staff for the achievements of these students.


In Zonal competitions (Basket Ball, Football, Throw ball, Volley ball etc..) GHPS Shahdara has been declared as ZONE – CHAMPION. In March past, too, the school secured First position. The school has won Champion’s Trophy and the students have been awarded with Gold Medals in individual as well as Team Events.

Co- Curricular Activities


Development of integrated personality of child remains incomplete without cultivating appreciation of fine arts. A balanced growth of body and mind is ensured. Competitions at Inter-School, Inter-Class, Inter-House, Zonal and National level are held regularly to give opportunity to the children to develop their innate potential as well as gain self confidence.


The school is divided into five houses from the primary level;
Baba Ajit Singh Ji
Baba Jujhar Singh Ji
Baba Zorawar Singh Ji
Baba Fateh Singh Ji
Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji

Each house has a Housemistress. The main idea of the House System is to provide training in qualities of leadership, co-operation, mutual understanding and self reliance. Inter-House Competitions are organised for dramatics, elocution, quiz, recitation, debates, group songs, dance and other activities and the meritorious children are honoured.


A prefectorial board has been constituted at the Primary and Sr. Secondary level to shoulder the responsibility of running the school administration. The Head Boy and the Head Girl along with other appointments, at each stage help in the maintenance of school discipline and in organising various school programmes and activities.


In order to widen the experiential horizons of the students and to fan their creativity, the school encourages number of club activities. Each student is provided with gamut of options to choose. These clubs provide an organised, well planned and enjoyable space to our students to keep nurturing and polishing their interests and skills. Children enthusiastically participate in activities like Art & Painting, Best out of Waste, Origami and Meal Planning.


  • The school lays stress on the Multi Dimensional Personality Development of its students by providing a wholesome package in the form of a fine blend of curricular / co-curricular activities.
  • The intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of the students is fostered to enhance their quality of life.
  • Association of the students with GURMAT-PRACTICES through Rendition of Ardas and Hukamnama, Recitation of Path and Shabads.
  • Organization and participation in workshops, seminars, orientation programmes for the Teaching Faculty on regular basis.
  • Monthly Parent-Teacher Meetings.


The School provides various facilities for the holistic development of the students such as :-

  • Multiple Play Ground.
  • School Library.
  • Activity Room, Children’s Play Station for Juniors.
  • Well equipped Labs – Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Mathematics / Social Science/ Computer / Fashion Technology Labs.
  • The school provides excellent sports activities supported by NIS trained coaches for games like Hockey, Athletics, Basket-Ball, Volley-Ball etc.
  • Green Campus
  • Streams Available- (Senior Segment)
  • Humanities
  • Science (Medical and Non-Medical)
  • Commerce

The school, in short, is a landmark in the pursuit of excellence in education and it is an institution deeply dedicated to the mission of growing children with INDIAN VALUES with GLOBAL VISION. The school’s aim is to integrate academic excellence with value education and respect for our rich cultural heritage. We at G. H. P. S firmly believe that we are not only teaching but shaping a better future – a team of Harkrishians ready to face the world and turn it into a better place for living.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

– N. Mandela