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About Institute

Guru Harkrishan Public School, New Delhi, India, is a co-educational, senior secondary school, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It imparts an education inspired by the life and teachings of the Sikh Gurus. It was among the first in the chain of schools established by the Gurudwara Management Committee in 1965, which today has 12 branches in Delhi, giving education to more than 21,000 students.

“Vidya Vichari Tan Parupkari” which means “He is learned indeed, who does good to others”

Established 1965

Our ultimate aim is to reach perfection in taking each child because we believe in the principle that each child is special- For imparting knowledge by demolishing and removing the obstacles of rural area, we are proceeding to reach our goal. Students are prepared keeping in view the utmost requirements of the society. Hardworking and well qualified staff is keen to make our students aspirants, they tell them how to perspire to get success in meeting the challenges of life. Targets are hard ahead but our motives don’t let us to be nervous to shoot high. We always emphasize on holistic development of children and quality based education is our aim. Our mission is to provide a safe, disciplined learning environment that empowers all students to develop their full potential.

Vision And Mission

Guru Harkrishan Public School is a school with a difference. It has an exalted aim. The message given by our beloved Gurus enshrined in the school motto; “Vidya Vichari Tan Parupkari”, means that, he is learned indeed who does good to others. The exalted vision is to produce ideal members of society who have knowledge and skill, who possess character and personality steeped in spiritual values. The school aims to impart quality education to boys and girls to enable them to grow into persons with awareness of social justice and world peace.


Please use Online Payment gateway to get instant 80G Certificate for your Donation at your Email.

Please use Online Payment gateway to get instant 80G Certificate for your Donation at your Email.

Scheme Of Studies

The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education for the All India Secondary School and All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations. As such it follows the syllabus laid down by the Board from time to time. Within the frame work of these courses the school aims at the development of the children’s individualities through a balanced programme of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth at all stages. It tries to do it by:

  1. Promoting an understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage while simultaneously stimulating desirable change in our traditional cultural pattern.
  2. Moulding the students alter the image of the citizen as visualised in the Constitution of india.
  3. Relating learning to Work Education and the socio-economic situation of the country, besides giving a corpus of information and its understanding and application.
  4. Encouraging rationalism and scientific attitude.
  5. Emphasizing the qualities of simplicity. integrity. tolerance and cooperation in all aspects of life. These objectives are achieved through well designed-scholastic and non-scholastic programmes.

Guru Harkrishan Public School, Loni Road

(Under the Aegis of Guru Harkrishan Public School, New Delhi Society)

Minority Educational Institution, Affiliated to CBSE

*Child Centric Curriculum *Activity based learning *Holistic Develpment *Well Equiped Labs & Library

Indoor & Outdoor Sports Facility *Air Purifier for Pre-School & Pre-Primary *Regular Workshops for Students & Parents

*Well Qualified Staff *Dedicated & Caring Staff * Continious Professional Development of Staff

Registration Open for Classes Pre Nursery & Nursery

(SESSION 2022 – 2023)

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School Library

The library is the nerve center of the school. It provides material to supplement and enrich instructions and guidance given in the class rooms. As the school caters to a wide range of students we have organized library services differently at different stages. Ours is a rich library with Reference Books. Encyclopedias, Current Magazines and Newspapers in different languages.

Students of the school have fixed library periods in which they visit the Library of the school to read books, periodicals and magazines. Besides this, they utilize these periods for getting books issued to them.

Following guidelines are to be adhered to, while visiting the library:

  1. Library books, magazines and furniture are the property of the school and must not be marked, damaged, or taken from library without permission.
  2. Borrower’s cards are issued to each student at the beginning of the school year, and books are issued to them on presentation of this card. The borrower’s card must be returned to the library whenever a student leaves the school.
  3. Books can be issued from the library and kept for a week in the first instance. If at the end of this time, a student has not finished reading the book he/she can have it re-issued, that is, it should be re-stamped by the librarian. In case if a book is lost, the student must pay the cost of book with fine.
  4. Reference books and magazines are not issued. They should be consulted in the library only.
  5. Students must maintain a record of library books read by them in the appropriate proforma given in the Almanac.


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